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Siddha Inner power covers all walk of life and is suitable for young as well as adult and aged person

For corporates

Manage Time, Focus & Energy with unlimited Inner Power

Siddha Inner Power provides a stressed and drained executives enough inner power to carry out daily tasks. It clears mind, making way for innovative ideas, provides aura that promotes team work and leadership along with health for higher productivity. 

Managing your time is about making sure that you are working on the highest priority tasks within your unique schedule. It doesn’t matter if you’re focused and energetic if you’re not working on the right things at the right time.

Managing your focus is about tuning out all distractions and giving your full attention to the task at hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on the right task and have a lot of energy, if that time and energy is being wasted checking your email and social networks.

Managing your energy is about having the drive to get the task done. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on the right task and you’re fully focused, if you don’t have any motivation to do it.

All of this is available throgh exercise, meditation and activation in Siddha Inner Power.

For your family

Health . Peace . Grace . Energy

It creates good men and women health.  It increases peace of mind and  prevents domestic violence.

It increases vigor in relationship. The family with high energy will have less stress and able to handle issues and relationship which grace and clear mind.


Strength . Self Defense . Iron Body

Siddha Inner Power helps in creating strong body, passive self defence, ability to control emotions under duress and “iron body” to compliment the danger in work.

Ability to do the duty with confidence and agility is an added virtue for law enforcement officers. For martial artist, it helps their energy in the practice, builds a strong muscle and body of that can take blow and injury.

Even though each martial art schools have their own inner power cultivation methods through breathing methods only, Siddha Inner Power will be an added advantage with its activations as most martial art masters don’t provide  energy point activation, which is a lost secret.


Beyond Asana . Beyond Breathing Practice

Siddha Inner Power is a good start to open up chakra, improve and balance energy for meditations and yoga practicees. Yoga is not just asana or body posture but it is a complete energy process. In ancient time, a yoga practitioner will have ability of healing and perform siddhi but over the time, it just reduced to a practice of “body ability” without inner ability. The other key aspects of yoga is “kayakalpa” which only can be achieved through asana, breathing and activation of siddhi point.

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