Pranasiddhar Manimaran also referred to as Sri Pranaji, hails from the old Sidha Yogic tribe. Sri Pranaji developed a keen interest in martial arts and yoga training at a very tender age. At 7 years old, Sri began taking yoga lessons from his dad, Siva Yogi Sri Parasuraman, who was well vast in the Saivite tradition and Hatha yoga. By 10 years, Sri had begun practicing basic yogic and spent 5 years in intense sadhana practice.

Sri has a first Dan Black Belt in Karate, and is also an Asaan which means Master of Silambam, the Tamil Nadu form of Martial Art. This form of martial art has close similarities with Kerala’s Kalaripayat. His keen interest in the Art and his thirst for Knowledge led him to meet different Gurus and spiritual leaders, most of which were from the Siddha and Sufi lineage. This propelled him to complete his spiritual journey at 25, which itself is considered to be a major achievement.

According to Sri, his main reason for developing the inner powers of Siddha was to assist people who had little or no spiritual or martial art practice learn fast ways to defend themselves as well as improve on their body health by cultivating and making use of their inner powers.

Sri learnt the secret of “18 point” in the human body which allowed him to develop the inner power of martial art a lot faster than it would if he had made use of conventional methods. He developed on his Knowledge and structured them such in a way that it could be easy to pass on practical lessons for people living in today’s modern world.

Other Notable Achievements of Sri Pranaji Include;

  • Creator of the NCRP Method, Siddha Turiya Meditation, Healing with Bliss, Siddha Inner Power and Siddha Inner Beauty.
  • Revolutionized spiritual concepts.
  • Pioneer in the global spread of the Siddha System.
  • Responsible for founding the Siddha Applied Siddha Institute.
  • Pioneer in spreading the Siddha System globally.
  • Founder of the Malaysian Varma kalai society.
  • Pioneer in the simplification of the science of the Deathless Body, or Saava Kalai, via a method known as the Siddha Arokia Deham Kriya.
  • Pioneer in Cosmic Energy-Enhanced Natural Medicine.
  • Founder Siddha Inner Power.
  • Pioneer in the field of combined application of Energy and Varmam for Autism.
  • Founder Siddha inner Beauty.
  • Author of book “AutismVarma Therapy: A Parent’s Guide