Explore Siddha Inner Power

Siddha Inner Power is a journey to a better and indestructible you. Come join us, along with the thousands around the world, and experience tremendous positive changes in your lives. Siddha Inner Power is the most revolutionary, and only proof of methodology based system that enables one to access the resident inner power to the fullest, right after the activation.

Self defense – 24 x 7

Aayam energy activation and practice gives you protection throughout your life, starting from the moment it is activated. The results are instantaneous and verifiable during the retreat itself.

Aayam not only allows you to access this enormous power sleeping within you but also to use it positively for self-defense and to improve your immune system.to rejuvenate your entire body.

Learn more about how Aayam gives physical and spiritual self defense.

Kayakalpa…? Yes…!

Kayakalpa concepts and practices helps to rejuvenate, sustain and preserve the body. Ancient Siddhars were able to achieve anti aging effects by achieving 100% pure body through Kayakalpa practices. Energy activation and practices in Siddha Inner Power system helps you to cleanse, rejuvenate and preserve your body through anti-poison and protective shield. Some of the energies used in Kayakalpa practices are used in Siddha Innwer Power system too.

 Unlimited prana

This is another place where we deviate from other systems of Inner Power.  Ability to flow unlimited prana can be achieved only by aligning and connecting your nadis and energy system to the cosmic. This can be achieved either through years of spiritual practice or instantly through activation that are designed to make those changes in your system. We follow the path of activation. Come and experience the shift in your system right after the activation given though our retreat.