A journey to a better & indestructible self

We offer a host of courses to enable you to discover hidden potential residing within you. This opportunity to revitalize & enhance your spirituality involves 8 levels to unlock your 18 energy points. Come and join us today to harness the unlimited power in you for a better and invincible self. Siddha Inner Power is a verifiable and effective method of revolutionizing your life to experience a significant and incredible turnaround of your life. Many people have benefited from this methodology to live a healthier and positive life. You too can benefit immensely from it.

Levels of Siddha Inner Power

Level 1

Surya Aayam & Shakty Payirchi

This level involves triggering the Surya Aayam element residing on your right and left sole of feet to start utilizing the Aayam energy in you.

Duration : 1.5 days

Level 2 – 4

Chandra Aayam and Shakty Payirchi Deepening

The Aayam energy is taken to a new dimension by the activation of the Chandra Aayam. Energy at 7 points are triggered; navel, heart center, 4 at left and right chest, 1 at fore head. This offers the host a stronger and better protection. The energy will get to flow better which offers better manifestation of the inner power.

Duration : 1 day.

Level 5

Iron body

Developing a complete sturdy and iron body is realized at this stage. The body is transformed to become invincible and indestructible and will be verified and confirmed with adequate tests.The skin and nerve will go thru full transformation,

Duration : 1.5 days

Level 6

Jeeva, Kundalini and Kayakalpa Activation

The energy at the center of head and the tailbone will be triggered. Also, the rejuvenation and strengthening of the inner body will be achieved.This level where the practitioner will able to do manipulate his body to ultimate level

Duration : 1.5 days

Level 7

The Cosmic Door

At this level, the ultimate energy point will be activated. This inner energy is required to acquire knowledge from any source without learning. The ability to strike at a distance, astral and many other innate skills will be disclosed. 

Duration : 2 days

Level 8


This is the master teacher level for all levels 1-7. Selection to this level is based on achievement in all other levels along with the studen’t dedication to spread Siddha Inner Power system ( should already be master teacher for levels 1-4). At this level, all secrets of activation and empowerment will be revealed and further knowledge on spiritual martial arts will be given.

Duration: 1 week

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