Benefits of Siddha Inner Power

Change your self today, the Siddha Way...!

Spiritual Progress

Benefit of the Siddha Way…! All these practices takes you forward spiritually and helps you attain self realization.

Unlimited prana

Unlimited prana that flows and flows until you stop. It makes you a great healer too.


Protection from intentional physical or metaphysical attack be it a spirit entity, charms, or black magic.


Skin glows, muscles strengthen, immunity increases, nerves rejuvanate and Aging slows down…!


Powerful charismatic and healthy aura that makes law of attaction work fo you.

Works right after activation

Siddha Inner Power system works right after activation and strengthens further as you practice. No need to wait for years to get benefit.

Easy & Fast

Practice of 20 minutes a day can take you towards a high speed transformation in body, mind and spirit

No full time commitment

No mandatory changes in life style or commitment to lineage. You are a free bird and always will be.

Systematic Training

Siddha Inner Power Prana Series (Passive power)
The Prana Series is composed of 4 modules.
Modules 1-2 incorporate the perfection of the physical shakty payerchi practice to awaken aayam and pranic energies. Modules 3-4 include the awakening of prana internally from the activation of the 9 energy centers in the body, and the gift of instant access of prana without the need to breathe. This series also includes healing with prana practices, protective shields and other pranic applications.

Siddha Inner Power Spiritual Series (Active power)

  • The Spiritual Series contains 4 modules through which you will be exposed to spiritual energy originating from the soul energy.
  • Module 5 focuses on developing the complete iron body, in which an indestructible body is achieved and proper tests are conducted to confirm this achievement.
  • Module 6 will be initiated upon successful completion of module 5. The body will now be focused towards internal kayakalpa, which is achieved using same aayam (iron) energy.
  • Module 7 focuses on how to utilise the power of spiritual energy for telekinesis, the ability to lift weight 2x one’s own body weight, the ability to remain submerged in water without breathing, and other basic applications which will be tested and certified during the program.
  • Module 8 consists of the Master Teacher Training program once the student has successfully completed all the preceding 7 modules of the Prana Series and Spiritual Series.