Aayam Energy

The Golden energy from your feet

Aayam is a metaphysical energy that is known only to a handful spiritual masters of the world. Aayam is naturally present in everbody, stored in an Aayam core located at the in-step of your feet. It is released from its store during the activation process. This released energy creates a shield around the person who has received this secret activation and protects them from all types of intentional harms. Aayam represents the metaphysical Iron in the human energetic structure. It has protective, rejuvenating (kayakalpa), magnetic and healing properties. The immense power of this Aayam can be exploited for total body, mind and spirit rejuvenation as well as self defense. Results start manifesting immediately after activation and can be tested on the spot.

Every human being is born with the Ayam Core dormant in their body

The right foot of every human being holds the chakra of Surya Aayam element (Golden Yellow energy) and the left foot holds the Ayam of Chandra (bright blue energy). Apart from these there are other 14 secret chakras that are activated by the master as the student develops in practice. Once activated the core remains active till the person lives.

At advanced levels these opened chakras will lead to highest spiritual realization if combined with spiritual practice. Unique meditation practices combined with simple breathing techniques can immensely boost the release of the Aayam energy into the practitioner’s system and speed up the manifestation of its various qualities.

The most notable physical manifestation of the energy is the increasing resistance of skin towards the intentional attach using sharp metallic objects. Starting from preventing a pin prick at the beginning, to advanced levels where you are protected even from powerful cuts made by swords. This can be demonstrated before progressing to higher levels.

Aayam & Kayakalpa

Kayakalpa is an ancient branch of body rejuvenating practices in the Siddha system. The Siddhars have documented many herbal and energy based practices in achieving Kayakalpa and Aayam is one of those energies that has direct Kayakalpa effect on the human body. In Inner Power, the Aayam energy apart from providing protection to the person , has some Kayakalpa benefits as described above.

Aayam energy, once activated, works within you to cure all damaging effects, from your environment, society and lifestyle and slowly restores normal health – thus rejuvenating you. The most noted observation by our Inner Power students are that, their skin becomes fresh, glowing and tight. Our students report their wrinkles slowly reducing, muscles and tissues becoming more and more toned and firm. Almost everybody has observed and reported their aging process being slowed down within a few months of regular practice.